Gnarly Harley Style Configuration (Ultra)


For experienced riders that want to push the limits on the smallest, board available. Footstraps come standard, backflips are optional. Advanced riders can setup Pro Mode by replacing the prop guard with the Pro Tail Cover – this will increase responsiveness, efficiency and run time.
— Size 4’2” x 23″
— Volume 54 litres

Level Up your fliteboarding with the Fliteboard ULTRA eFoil. At 4ft 2inches, the reduced swing weight lets you push the limits. The ULTRA is small for seasoned riders. Unlike other boards, it’s optimum side rails and advanced and expertly crafted nose allows to deliver that perfect touchdown. Strap into the Fliteboard ULTRA eFoil and let the board become an extension of your body. Move with the water as your thoughts become actions to glide, flip and carve with ease. Enjoy with or without the foot straps.

Fliteboard Configuration includes:
— Fliteboard “Board”
— eFoil
— Flitecell “Battery”
— Flite Controller
— Wing set includes Front Wing and Stabiliser
— Premium Charger
— True Glide Propeller
— Pro Tail Cover
— eFoil Bag
— Fliteboard Bag
— Accessories Pouch
— 2 Year Warranty

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