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Intro Kite Lesson

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Phase 1: Land Clinic Phase
- Overview of what’s to come. Identify & Understand safe locations to launch and land. Identify & understand wind speed, direction and quality. Understanding the Wind Window, Equipment knowledge, Rigging and inflating the kite, Safety systems knowledge and practice (kite on ground). Then you'll discover the wind clock, Fly kite along the edge of the wind window while utilizing Low, Medium, and High Power Strokes. As well as on land tacking with and without board. Then we'll simulated safety releases and recovery as well as self rescue.

Phase 2: Enter the water
- Understanding the board and how to properly ride on edge, Water Launch and relaunch. We'll then cover, edge of widow, straight downwind, and tailing edge. Next we'll be covering body dragging upwind, body dragging board, body dragging board recovery, Body Dragging Downwind utilizing power strokes, Body Dragging downwind board recoveries. Then we'll get in the water and breakdown water starts in both direction. Then wrap up the lesson with kite recovery, self rescue on land & water.

Phase 3: Board Control
- First we'll cover advanced edging and body position, understanding apparent wind, Kite placement/harmonizing body, board and kite position. Next we'll dive into turning and transitions. It's time to practice going upwind. If you're a super star student, maybe we'll try your first jump!

3 Hour Intro Kite Lesson: $400 Package

Up to 1 additional persons per board
Duration: Battery runs out or 90 min
Want more time? $100 per extra battery (Approximately 90 min per battery)
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Hourly Kite Lessons

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Welcome to Gnarly Harley’s Kiteboarding School! Kiteboarding is not only a water sport but a lifestyle. The people, places and opportunities are endless. Hence why kiteboarding is Justin’s favorite sport. Harness the power of the wind and ride the waterways around the world with only a kite & board/foil!

Meet head instructor Justin Chait. He’s a Professional Kiteboarder with North Kiteboarding (link) and Mystic Boarding (Link) and has been kiteboarding since 2005. Justin has over 10 years of teaching kiteboarding and wakeboarding from the most basic level to the highest levels in the sport. His unique teaching style and methodical curriculum will make your learning experience efficient and safe. To make learning even easier, our students will be geared up with BBTalkin (link to video about headsets) headsets in order to make long distance commutation clear and timely. All Kite lessons will be Waverunner assisted unless location does not require.

1 persons per board
Duration: 60 min
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The future of water sports in the palm of your hands.

Flite Controller is a custom designed waterproof  handheld remote that provides intuitive control and real-time performance information to the rider.


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