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No Waves, No Wind, No Problem...

Imagine a water craft that flies smoothly above the water at exhilarating speeds. It doesn’t rely upon wind or waves, and gives you the freedom to travel for up to 20 miles per charge.

eFoiling is the ONLY water sports you can ride year round without needing strong winds, waves, or boat. You can enjoy any type of weather conditions. Flat water for a good cruising session or a wavy day to surf your faceoff. 

Meet Your Instructor

Justin Chait, World's Fastest eFoiler

In 2021 Gnarly Harley partnered with Flite, the World’s leading eFoil manufacturer and became a Flite School, Reseller and Service Center. This partnership charged Justin’s passion for coaching as he is able to bring people from all walks of life into the sport of foiling. After a year of coaching and training, Justin took the win at the first ever U.S. Flite Cup in October 2022 and was named the fastest eFoiler in the World. This win landed Justin a spot on the Flite Performance Team. These accomplishments strengthened Justin’s drive for pushing his level while also sharing what he learns along the way. Foiling is a new extreme sport and its here to stay. The riding level is only in its infancy and were here to make riding safe, smooth, and fast!

No One Forget's Their First Time...

Efoil Naples, florida and these prestine water ways will blow your mind. Trust us, you won't forget your first time efoiling. Nobody does. Wings fly below while you soar above. Believe us, you will be flying on your first session! With Gnarly Harley's safety focused curriculum you can progress no matter if you are a total beginner or an experienced rider. Take a lesson with us and be up & flying in no time.

Choose Your Adventure

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Intro Flite

Welcome to Gnarly Harley's Flite School (GHFS). Here you and your fellow pilots will learn the art of flight. From beginners to the most advanced water sports athlete, GHFS has expert experience in helping students ride safe, smooth, and fast! Our highly qualified instructors teach safety and efoiling techniques that will build your confidence and ensure that you are foiling above the water in no time. Our goal at GHFS is to get you E-Foiling on your very first experience.

Duration: Battery runs out or 90 mins
Skill Level: Beginner-Advanced

Quick Flite

Ready for a Quick Flite? This lesson provides an opportunity for riders who've completed an Intro Flite and are proficient at efoiling. Fine tune your efoiling and level up your riding. 

Pre-requisites: Intro Flite (GHFS Certified)
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Duration: 60 Mins


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Why Fliteboard?

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